55% of people associate mental health issues with work. This training explores the foundations of mental health including safety, purpose, connection, good relationships and feeling we belong. We’ll discuss what these mean and how organisations, managers and employees can put them into practice – with a specific focus on relational working. This training aims to:

  • Develop our understanding of mental health – what it is and isn’t
  • Explore how people’s experiences have influenced them and how connections affect wellbeing.
  • Share what good leadership looks like and the power of relationships.
  • Ways to create safe environments that are supportive, encouraging, nurturing and non-judgmental.
  • Show the impact of blame and shame
  • Provide tips on how to support our own mental health and wellbeing and those of our colleagues.
  • Facilitate reflective practice

Learning outcomes

We'll talk about what affects our mental health. What we can do individually and together to maintain and improve our mental health and wellbeing. As well as up-to-date, evidence-based information, there will be plenty of time for discussion and relating the content to our own and others’ situations. We will explore:

Events and circumstances

Mental health isn’t about what’s wrong with us – it’s often about what happens to us, or what should have happened for us but didn’t and the circumstances in which we are born, grow, live, work and age.

Relationships and connection

Mental health is fundamentally about social health, our relationships and the people we connect with can contribute to their wellbeing, resilience and ability to thrive.

Safe Spaces

Helping managers understand their role in creating a secure base for employees to explore and try new things while offering a safe haven to return to which will be supportive, encouraging, nurturing and non-judgmental.

Supporting wellbeing

The importance of looking after your own wellbeing, how this improves our productivity, our ability to do our work well and how much we enjoy what we do.

Good leadership

Understand the power leaders have to make a difference and that work can provide key conditions for thriving such as opportunities, sense of purpose, autonomy and fair treatment.

Reflective practice

A space to reflect and engage in a process of continuous learning that will help facilitate organisational change. We will consider both successes and challenges, sharing learning from both. What's gone well? Why did I feel that way? What was difficult? How can I improve in the future?

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