Counselling support that’s there when needed

We’ll all have difficulty with our mental health at some point in our lives. It’s part of being human. Our award-winning team of experienced counsellors can work with people facing many different mental health challenges.

Our counsellors specialise in a wide range of talking therapies. This means we can offer support in lots of different situations, but sometimes the options can be confusing. We’re on hand with a straightforward assessment process, so that each person can find the therapy and counsellor that’s right for them.

A compassionate approach for organisations

We already work with many organisations, helping them to be sure that their employees can access counselling support whenever it’s needed.

“I have appreciated a listening ear. It has been helpful to me when everything seems so confusing and helpless. Small steps can eventually make a big difference. I am grateful for our sessions.”

“My counsellor provided a safe space for me to explore and reflect – I always felt validated.”

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Our counsellors

Our diverse team of counsellors have been carefully chosen, and are registered with either BACP, UKCP or a similar official body.







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If you’d like to provide professional mental health support for your staff, talk to our team about how we can work together.